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How a Facebook Business Page Can Help Your Business

1. It sets an additional outpost for your business on the Internet.
Setting up a Facebook Fan Page gives your business and brands with one more branding outpost on the net whereby prospective buyers, clients, future employees, vendors, and perhaps the media can get details about your business and the services and products you are offering. Not like Facebook’s personal Profiles, which are member-only accessible, Facebook’s business pages are public-facing by default; which is, individuals need not be logged into Facebook to check out a business’s or brand’s Page, thus much more individuals have access to the content you post.

2. Drives Targeted traffic to Your Site
Fan Pages don’t have any restrictions on driving Facebook’s traffic to Internet sites. In reality, Facebook really encourages you to link to your web page from your business’s Page. Redirecting just a small percentage of Facebook’s large amount of daily traffic to your site could drastically increase the amount of qualified traffic on your website.

3. It enables you to build relationships with your community easily and at no cost.
A Facebook Page offers a low-cost (free) option to implementing customer engagement on your own website. Within minutes, you’ll have a branded Facebook Fan Page whereby consumers as well as other brand advocates can post to your Facebook Wall, share images and video clip, ask and answer questions, and communicate with you and one another.

4. It connects both, you and your staff members directly to your clients.
A Facebook Fan Page offers you a direct pipeline to your Fans. You’ll be able to send messages to Fans all at one time or target people or groups based on country, state, city, gender, and perhaps age groups.

5. It strengthens customer relationships.
You are able to substantially deepen your relationships with clients by connecting with them in a social instead of a business environment rather than selling. Facebook members may not shop on Facebook; however, 90 % of them will expect the businesses and companies they deal with to possess a Facebook Page.

6. It offers a platform for brand evangelists.
Only 25 % of Facebook users want to be sold to; however, a higher percentage is likely to sing the praises of a good-quality organization, brand or product to their Facebook Friends. Develop strong relationships with a number of influential users who’ve lots of connections, and you get priceless brand evangelists who authentically market and then sell for you.

7. It enables you to keep pace with your competitors at no cost.
Even if just one of your competitors launches a successful Facebook Fan Page, that competitor can corner the marketplace on Facebook and build followers long before you do. Stake your free claim early to build your business as being the leader in the industry before your competitors have a chance.