Sends Instant Facebook Notifications


Have you noticed that every time when you are on Facebook, you can’t resist those little notifications which pop up whenever there is new activity.

You know those little red icons with numbers in them, at the top of your Facebook page…




You just HAVE to click on those as soon as you see them…

And you also noticed Everybody ELSE IS DOING IT TOO!



A research began and discovered that Facebook knows about Psychology, and Facebook knows a LOT about Influence!

Facebook puts millions of dollars into their research budget to test, test and test again.

They are looking for the tricks and strategies they can employ to keep YOU on their site!


They’ve been doing it for YEARS!

They know that we are compelled to check the notifications every time we see a just few of those red icons (and in most cases, JUST ONE!).

And they know we’re now 879% more likely to click on a notification – compared to opening an email!

Simply put, we are now programmed to click on that icon and check out the latest activity and news.

Back in late August last year, Facebook had released a brand new API.

That release has gone largely unnoticed by software developers and marketing product creators.

Mostly because the release was targeting big companies like Billion Dollar Zynga and other aspiring Game developers.

But there is another potential for this unique API that would enable you to send notification messages direct to your subscribers Facebook profile!

The main beauty of this, is it’s ability to send your subscribers Facebook Notifications. You do this from right inside the websites Admin area.

Sending a Facebook Notification to your Subscribers couldn’t be easier!

This is how they did it… by using notifications to remind users that they were still in the game and to share with friends which games were most appealing.

Now you can target your subscribers right where their attention is most highly focused!

Send notifications using the full 180 characters, which gives you way more opportunity to Influence prospects than Twitter!

Add a URL of your choice so you can market to your prospects and customers in a modern way that is unparalleled by anyone in business.

Check out the image below to see where you will be creating your notification to send to your subscribers.




Check out the image below to see how your prospects will see the notification.


Can you imagine what you will be doing in your business to increase your engagement with your customers and subscribers?

Let them know when your activities are beneficial to them; promote your products and latest publications.

Imagine sending your customers, or your client’s customers, notifications of the latest deals and offers…

Using just the right inviting text, you’ll have them rushing back to your site and checking out your offers!


arrowRightTinyTry out this feature by clicking on the “Connect with Facebook” button below, then check your Facebook to see the SAMPLE NOTIFICATION  send to you.

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